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bullet-lrg.jpg  Wits End Ranch Cosmo of Ragdollblues

Seal Mitted


Sweet Cosmo is such a doll!  She is a wonderful mom and has an adorable personality...always affectionate and purring!  Thank you Julie for this girl!


 Ragdollblues Jade of Ragdollblues

 Solid Black Bicolor




Blue Point Tinkerbell of Ragdollblues

Picture to come

Ragdollblues Cobalt of Ragdollblues



Picture coming



 Ragdollblues Sunlight of Ragdollblues

Seal bicolor


Sweet little Sunlight. Such gorgeous blue eyes you have.  And you are the spirit of your sweet mommie Sunflower. Thank you for your picture, even if you did not want one.


Sweet Sunlight with her gorgeous blue eyes, she is her momma Sunshine's baby!  Super sweet and gentle. Loves attention from everyone, man, woman, cat or dog.

 Bluemountain Ragdolls Sunflower of Ragdollblues

Solid Blue Tortie Bicolor




What a delightful gentle soul.  She would never harm a fly.  Not only is her color breathtaking, I get to enjoy her gentle way of keeping peace at all cost.  Sunflower is turning out to be a very attentive momie.


Ragdollblues Poppy of Ragdollblues

Seal mink mitted carrying chocolate


Gorgeous Poppie girl.  You are your Daddies girl!  Earl reincarnated.  Your babies look just like Lavendar your beautiful elegant mom.  I am so glad you are my baby girl.  Your babies are priceless!  So affectionate and purrfect in everyway!




 Ragdollblues Empress of Ragdollblues

 Seal Sepia Lynx/ Splash x Earl



 What a sweet lovely big girl Empress is becoming!



Empress is such a trooper, she and I have quite a bond after raising 2 litters of 11 together.  She is so wise and kind in everyway..what an amazing creature she is.  She finds multiple ways to communicate her needs to me and together we have spent so many hours...q2 to 3 hours round the clock with all of her litters.  Her babies were climbing up on my lap and under my shirt sucking on my stomach at 2.5 weeks of age..they thought I was momma also...LoL






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